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If you are an NSDA coach looking to organize virtual scrimmages, please complete our Scrimmage Match Form to express your interest.
Once you’ve signed up, your information will be available on the table below. Peruse other teams interested in scrimmaging and use the information in the table to connect. Once you’ve posted your availability and preferences, please feel free to email other teachers and coaches who have done the same to set up times for your students to scrimmage. Some state associations may not permit students to do this type of interaction. Please check with the relevant governing bodies before jeopardizing students’ eligibility. You can also connect with adult judges interested in adjudicating virtual rounds on our Virtual Judge Board. If there is anything the national office can do to support you as you prepare lessons and activities for your students, please do not hesitate to email Lauren McCool at


Click the blue plus sign (+) to the left of each row to learn more about each scrimmage opportunity. All times are shown in CT.