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2021 National Speech & Debate Champions

National Speech and Debate 2020 Champions

Speech Events

Lanny D. and B. J. Naegelin Dramatic Interpretation

Giana Martinez from L. C. Anderson High School, TX
Coached by Miguel Harvey and Michael Jennings

Dr. Tommie Lindsey, Jr. Asynchronous Split-Screen Duo Interpretation

Patrick Pham and Augustus Boettcher from St. Thomas High School, TX
Coached by Darrell Yarbrough

Dr. Tommie Lindsey, Jr. Live Duo Interpretation

Frank Knier and Jonah Johnson from Apple Valley High School, MN
Coached by Daniel Hodges

Humorous Interpretation

Pranay Mathur from Millard North High School, NE
Coached by Sabrina Denney Bull and Jackson Gzehoviak

Informative Speaking

Anneteke Adoga from Woodbury High School, MN
Coached by Suzanne White, Dillon White, and Suha Musa

A. C. Eley International Extemporaneous Speaking

Pranav Pattatathunaduvil from Plano West Senior High School, TX
Coached by Robey Holland

Pam and Joe Wycoff Original Oratory

Blythe Castille from St. Thomas More Catholic High School, LA
Coached by Megan Broussard and Veronica Colmenarez

Program Oral Interpretation

Sophia Williams from Miramar High School, FL
Coached by Nicole Allen Ryan

Carmendale Fernandes United States Extemporaneous Speaking

Laurel Holley from Riverside High School, SC
Coached by Julia Murray, McGregor Cook, Heather Brown-Cook, David Dejesa, and Pete Martin

Debate Events

Congressional Debate – House

Alexandra Smith from East Ridge High School, MN
Coached by Katie Scholz, Tammy Trout McIntyre, and Kevin Jacobson

Congressional Debate – Senate

Atharv Kulkarni from Jasper High School, TX
Coached by Tom McCaffrey

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Katie Jack from George Washington High School, CO
Coached by Maryrose Kohan, Devin Sarno and Miles Owens

Richard B. Sodikow Policy Debate

Adarsh Hiremath and Surya Midha from Bellarmine College Preparatory, CA
Coached by Aaron Langerman, Ani Prabhu, and Tyler Vergho

Public Forum Debate

Carina Guo and Jennifer Lin from Richard Montgomery High School, MD
Coached by Adam Thane and Morgan Coffin

World Schools Debate

Team Space City Violet – Alief Elsik High School, TX
Diego Castillo
Ebenezer Appiah
Rodrigo Trujillo
Anthony Hoang
Coached by Ashley Freeman and Andy Stubbs

Big Questions Debate

Oam Patel from Mountain Home High School, ID
Coached by Robin Christensen

Supplemental Events

​Brother René Sterner Prepared Commentary

Eric Lee from Monta Vista High School, CA
Coached by Eric D’sa

Expository Speaking

Caleb Brantley from Dwight D. Eisenhower High School, IL
Coached by Bill Fleming

Extemporaneous Debate

Kaitlyn Maher from The Potomac School, VA
Coached by Harry Strong, Max Hardt, Jeremy Metz, and Danny Drane

Original Spoken Word Poetry

Logan Green from Hattiesburg High School, MS
Coached by Reginald Chapman and Scott Waldrop

Poetry Reading

Jayden Roccaforte from Cheyenne East High School, WY
Coached by Ashley Schulz

Prepared Prompt Speaking

Nya Ware from Southland College Prep Charter High School, IL
Coached by Cheryl Frazier

Pro Con Challenge

Aaron Chen from Grand Rapids City, MI
Coached by William Harris

Prose Reading

Divya Krishnan from Ridge High School, NJ
Coached by David Yastremski, Stephanie Fletcher, and Sam Hoffman


Meghan Galindo from Classical Christian Academy, MO
Coached by Kristen Gammon

National Student of the Year

2021 National Student of the Year

Theia Chatelle
St. Michael-Albertsville High School, MN

The William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year award, presented by Richard Bitner, is one of the most honorable and renowned student awards presented by the NSDA. The Student of the Year is awarded to a graduating senior member who has been honored as a District Student of the Year and who best represents the tenets of the Association’s Code of Honor: humility, equity, integrity, respect, leadership, and service.

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