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Coach Emeritus Program

A Coach Emeritus is a former coach, advisor, or assistant coach who is no longer active in a speech and debate program who would like to continue their service and involvement in NSDA activities to serve the local and/or national community. A Coach Emeritus must have at least five years of coaching experience along with an active teaching certificate, fingerprint clearance card, or other background check verification.


Coach Emeritus Opportunities to Serve

A Coach Emeritus has the option of continuing to serve in any one or more of the following roles:

  • Mentor: Weekly commitment to meet (in person or online/via email) at least one hour a week with a new coach per school year.
  • Advocate: Commitment to use NSDA advocacy materials and meet with five principals/administrators in the area per school year.
  • Developer: Project by project commitment to create curriculum/content for the NSDA based on need and coach strength/interest.
  • Coach: Commitment to serve a team as a temporary assistant coach. This option is only available to those retired from their profession.
  • Presenter: Commitment to develop and deliver a workshop for the school or district.
  • Tournament Official: Commitment to serve with the NSDA district leadership to run the local district tournament.


Benefits of Being a Coach Emeritus


  • Subscription to Rostrum magazine
  • Access to the Individual Resource Package
  • Accumulation of NSDA Service Citation Points:
  • 1 Service Citation for volunteering to judge at a tournament
  • 1 Service Citation for mentoring a new coach
  • 1 Service Citation for developing new curricular resources
  • 1 Service Citation for each workshop led
  • 1 Service Citation for NSDA advocacy meetings and recruiting new NSDA programs
  • 1 Service Citation for serving as an NSDA tournament official
  • Preferential judging at Districts and Nationals
  • Yearly recognition in Rostrum and National Tournament publications



Coach Emeritus candidates may register using this online form. Our staff will follow-up to learn more about your strengths and interests, then connect you to the right person you can serve!



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