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Communicators in the Classroom

Communicators in the Classroom was created in 2012 to provide tools, resources, and support to school districts with little or no access to speech and debate programs, helping to create and define a culture of academic success through competition.

The program encourages speech and debate activities inside and outside of the classroom to teach students the academic skills they need to excel in school, college, and the workforce.

Through Communicators in the Classroom, the NSDA provides the resources possible to help school districts willing to invest in their own speech and debate infrastructure to build a self-sustaining program. Some of the free resources available include textbooks, lesson plans, free or discounted membership in the Association, and resource packages with learning tools, materials, and more.

For more information on how to get your school district involved, download the Communicators in the Classroom brochure, or contact us at
Communicators in the Classroom has changed the patchwork of Broward County Public Schools. With over 10,000 of our students in debate classes, and access points at almost 100 schools, our partnership with the NSDA has dramatically changed the way our students learn, communicate, and compete.
Megan West

Former Coordinator, Broward County Debate Initiative