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We hope these resources serve as a one-stop shop for what you need to help grow speech and debate in your area, communicate with the coaches in your district, and run a successful district tournament.

Please feel free to contact us at info@speechanddebate.org with any questions you may have.

All About Districts Videos

Running a district tournament can be a daunting task. Luckily, the National Speech & Debate Association is here to make sure your tournament runs as smoothly as possible! In this new collection of videos, we introduce the district tournament series, take viewers behind the scenes, and answer frequently asked questions about eligibility, requirements, and more. Watch the videos ยป

Helpful Links

Unified Manual

Read the most up-to-date district tournament operations manual starting on page 57 of the High School Unified Manual.

District Roles

Learn about the suggested roles each member of your District Committee can play.

Introduction to Tabroom.com

Download this guide for instructions on setting up your district tournament on Tabroom.com.

Leader Toolkit

Check out this Building Community guide with core elements and resources for creating a team with teams.

District Finance Guide

Get an introduction to 501(c)3 status at the district level by reviewing this presentation from the 2017 National Conference Leadership Track.

Judge Training

View and/or pass along the judge training course developed by the NSDA and the NFHS.


District Leader Training

Coming Fall of 2019!

Important Registration Reminders

Be sure to register your district tournament on Tabroom.com, even if you are not using Tabroom.com as your tournament software.

  • Any district that runs any portion of the district tournament series between August and December must register their district tournament dates by October 31.
  • All other districts must register their district tournament dates by November 30.

Districts and Nationals Prep

  • View the District Leadership Election Results for 2019-2021.
  • Log in to access the District Leadership Directory.
  • Each NSDA District Committee has the option, if desired, to appoint a sixth member to advance representation in any underrepresented areas. District chairs may learn more and complete the online District Committee Appointment Request Form here.
  • Celebrate the contributions of coaches, administrators, parents, or volunteers to your district by nominating them for a District Leader Commendation Award. (Updated form for 2020 coming soon!)
  • If you are highly qualified to judge and would enhance the diversity of our panels, consider completing a diversity profile and nominating yourself to judge late elimination rounds on Tabroom.com. Please encourage the judges you bring to Nationals to do the same! Instructions are available here.
  • Submit your district ad for the Tournament Book. (This form closes April 15, 2020. Chairs who request ad space are allowed to submit final ads to emily.kriegel@speechanddebate.org by May 1.)
  • Report your district award winners for national-level consideration.

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Rules, Forms & Manuals

Account and Roster Management

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