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Lincoln-Douglas Final Round 2023
Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD) is a one-on-one debate event that rotates through several topics each academic year. LD is often referred to as “values” debate because many of the topics that students debate pose questions about morality, justice, and ethics. This makes it different from other events that typically do not have as much of an emphasis on philosophical argumentation. 
This course will take coaches new to LD or new to debate in general through the ins and outs of the event. Upon completion of the course, coaches will be able to:
  • Follow a round of LD and identify the different speeches, their purpose, and the strategy at play.
  • Explain key terms and how they fit in to the structure of the event.
  • Implement strategies for success in coaching both in the classroom and at tournaments. 
  • Build on their initial understanding with additional resources to learn more about coaching LD.

Course Time: 2 hours