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National Tournament Student Training

Congratulations on qualifying to the National Tournament! We are excited to create a platform for you to share your stories and speak out on issues you care about. Please read the Online 2020 National Tournament Procedures and review the training videos below prior to competition on Monday, June 15. Join us on the competition website,, to practice logging in and finding rooms on Wednesday, June 10 from 10:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. CT. If the videos below are hard to view, click the gear icon in the lower right to increase the resolution. To see closed captions on videos, click the cc button at the bottom of the video window.

Understanding the Debate Schedule

Students report to their competition room 30 minutes prior to round start time. Debaters in ALL flights will go to the round 30 minutes prior to the start of the first flight in PF, LD, and BQ.

Understanding the Speech Schedule

Student attendance in recorded speech rounds is welcome, but not required. Students in Extemp will go to the Prep Room that corresponds with their speaker position 30 minutes prior to draw start.

Understanding the Congress Schedule

Students must report to their competition room 30 minutes prior to round start time. Students should rename themselves “Rep. First Name Last Name” or Sen. First Name Last Name” in the Zoom window.

Understanding the Supplementals Schedule

Students will report to their competition room 30 minutes prior to round start in speech, or to their topic release room 30 minutes prior to topic release in Extemp Debate. Account Set Up

Click “Profile” after you have logged in to ensure you are set up to receive text and email notifications.

Accessing Competition Rooms

Go to and login with your username and password.

Competing in a Recorded Speech Round

Students are welcome to join the room and watch performances, but attendance is not required.

Competing in a Debate Round

Cameras of students should always be on, but everyone should mute their microphone when they are not speaking.

Competing in a Congress Round

Use the “Join via Zoom App” button to see thumbnails of all competitors in the round.

Competing in Extemp

Go to the prep room that corresponds to your speaker position 30 min prior to draw.