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The Brown Book: A Forensics Anthology


Titles in this edition include: “Believing in Bruce”, “The Dog Pound”, “Lies of the Heart (and Other Hidden Trivia Facts)”, “Dear Jeffrey (A Note to a Serial Killer from a Former Classmate)”, and “The Incredible Adventures of Maw-Maw’s Blanket”.

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Edited by Gregory T. Burns

Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you! Each Forensics Anthology includes a Humorous Interpretation, a Poetry Interpretation, a Prose Interpretation, a Dramatic Interpretation, and a Duo Interpretation. These scripts are original, poignant, beautifully written, and most importantly, competitive! They are not only perfect for forensics competitions; they also make great classroom materials!

The Brown Book: A Forensics Anthology includes:

“Believing in Bruce” by Gregory T. Burns
Bobby Joe and Bruce are next door neighbors. They’re like brothers. They’re also partners in crime. They are something of an anomaly in the con artist’s world, because they refuse to tell a lie to those they are scamming. Through a series of bizarre coincidences, the two embark on their most ambitious scheme yet. They create a popular tourist attraction for Bruce: The Real Live Ghost! People, after all, need something to believe in! Absolutely hilarious!

“The Dog Pound” by Jake Barton
Told through a series of canine voices, Jake Barton’s first collection of poetry introduces us to a variety of dog breeds. With humor and warmth, Barton allows each dog to have his day—or rather say—as to why he ended up in the most feared place for our canine friends: the dog pound. This is an incredible collection of poems for the performer adept at creating a myriad of characters!

“Lies of the Heart (and Other Hidden Trivia Facts)” by Kendra Sparks
We’ve all either written one or received one: the dreaded break-up letter! Written as a list of trivia facts, Kendra Sparks introduces us to a young girl, whose goal is to fill-in-the-blanks with the truths she kept hidden from her boyfriend during their year-and-a-half relationship. Perfect for the female performer who can handle sarcasm, sassiness, and ultimately, vulnerability!

“Dear Jeffrey (A Note to a Serial Killer from a Former Classmate)” by Celeste LeBeaux
Jeffrey Dahmer was one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Written as a poetic letter, Celeste LeBeaux introduces us to a young woman who remembers the infamous man before he became a household name. She remembers Jeffrey as the boy who sat next to her in biology class—the boy with whom she secretly had a crush. This chilling free-verse poem could be performed as a powerful Poetry Interpretation or as a haunting monologue in Dramatic Interpretation!

“The Incredible Adventures of Maw-Maw’s Blanket” by Bryan Denbow
Two siblings, a magical blanket, and a world of imagination—these are the stars that illuminate Bryan Denbow’s adventurous tale of a brother and sister learning to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. Ultimately, it is a story filled with fantasy, humor and heart. This Duo Interpretation is a winner!

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