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Student of the Year Nomination Form

Coaches, nominate a graduating senior for this prestigious award by April 16, 2024! Upon completion, your nomination form will be emailed to your district chair for consideration.

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  • District Information

  • Click here to view our District Leadership Directory.

  • Click here to view our District Leadership Directory.

  • Student Information

  • As the nominating coach, I attest that the following information is accurate as reported by my school's guidance office or registrar.

    GPA/ out of (scale)Weighted (Yes/No)AP (Yes/No)IB Certificate(s) (Yes/No)IB Diploma (Yes/No)Cambridge (Yes/No)
  • Total years of speech/debate experience (include this school year)Debate PointsSpeech PointsCongress PointsService PointsDistrict PointsNational Points
  • YearTournament/Organization and EventPlace/Honor 
  • Essay from Nominating Coach

  • In 500 words or less, describe the extent to which the student has influenced their team, school, district, and the activity as a whole through their humility, equity, integrity, respect, leadership, and service. Imagine that this student, if selected, would be asked to serve as a spokesperson for speech and debate - not because of achievement, but because of their attitude toward speech and debate, and what this activity does for young people.

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