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Wycoff Alumni Project

Teachers are continuously reaching out to the NSDA for help. These teachers may have no teaching materials, no school budget, and no alumni or community base to get them started. As die-hard coaches, Joe and I want to help.  We are on a mission to give students from under-resourced schools the opportunity to be part of a speech and debate program.

​​Joe and I designed the Pay It Forward School grant program that we personally believe will make a tremendous difference.  For $450 we provide a speech and debate team with: 

    • coach training materials for professional development,
    • a resource package of instructional materials and educational videos, 
    • a free NSDA school membership, 
    • 10 free student Honor Society memberships, and
    • free online competition during the season.  

This foundational grant also opens the door to access technology grants, program funding, and college scholarships. 

Pam & Joe

The Pay It Forward Fund is designed for Speech and Debate Alumni, like you, to empower more students to reap the life-long benefits of Speech and Debate.  Every dollar toward a school package will provide transformative speech and debate programs for students.  A donation of any size to this fund could change a life.

In our district we have 98% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch and without this grant, we would not have been able to debate this year.  

    • Recipient Coach, New Jersey 

Thank You!

Thank you to the alumni of Pam & Joe Wycoff and Apple Valley HS.

Each of them is living proof of the impact speech and debate can have on a student’s life.

Reuben Advani

Doug Anderson
In Honor of Pam Wycoff, Jason Woehler, Joni Anker, and Pam Tremblay

Dave and Cathy Bartle

Megan Bartle

Chris Bentley

Nicolle Berg

Angela and Neil Bitzenhofer

Elizabeth Brama

David Brown
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff

Vijay & Poonam Chandiramani

Adrine Chung

Ben Cohen

Chevala Conner

Beena Cook

Michael and J.W. Davies

Jill Englund

Eric Engstrom

Lance Fensterman

Jose Ferreira & Amy Felkner

Matt & Erica Forsman

Tony Garcia
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff

Carol and Mike Gerbensky

Susan Gerbensky Klammer

Katie Gerbensky Serrano

Colin Goodson

Jeffrey and Michelle Grambo

Jane Branby Green and Duane Green Jr

Jenna Green Alden
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff

Nancy Grimes
In Honor of Pam Wycoff

Lauren Grimm

Davin Grindstaff

John Halbach
In Honor of Scott Voss

Leah Halvorson

Seth Halvorson
In Honor of W. Scott Nobles, Richard Lesicko, Rog
Mosvick, and the Macalester College Debate Society

Julie Hassett

Shannon Heim
In Honor of Wayne Brinton

Alex Heisel

Sara Hermann Restad

Andrew Hermansen

Matt Herzog

Nicole Hinnebusch

Dan Hodges

Toni & Jason Hoffa
In Honor of Bryce, Grace, & Claire

Tim Hogan

Dennis & Rosemarie Hogan

Dawn Jenkins

Eric Kahnert

Matthew Kaler
In Memory of Chris Reiland

Annie Kastanek

Andrea Keohane

Jennifer Keohane

Anne Kerber
In Memory of Suzanne V. Loen Berg

Ann Kim
In Honor of Pam Wycoff

Suzi Kim Scott

Dan Kirkham
In Memory of Chris Reiland

Adam Koering
In Honor of The Koering Family

Jerry & Cathy Koering
In Honor of Adam, Jake, Sally, and Nate

Betsy and Cherian Koshy

Chad Kuyper
Denis & Sharon LaComb
In Honor of Brian LaComb & Melanie McMahon

Marshall Lichty

Robb Lindgren

Lisa Losure

Rose McDonough

Melanie McMahon
In Honor of Sharon and Denis LaComb

Peter Nikolai
In Honor of Jim Agan

Olusheun Olupitan

David Peterson

Sarah Pickell

Sarah and Jim Poker

Lindsey & Andy Poker

Rachel Poker

Matthew Potter

Zachary Prax
In Memory of Bob Ickes

Quaker Bakery

Brian & Missy Roberts

Jenna Robison Andrew

Ellen Roos

Michael Sawers

Lindsay Schleisman

Kirsten Shubring

Peter Simones
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff

Andrea Singh

David Singh

Krystyn Spratt

Gena Stern

Lindsey Teigland

Aimee Teslaw

Maria Thayer

Brant Ullery
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff

Charis VanDusen Thatcher
In Honor of Matt Kaler

Deborah Theis

Scott and Tzitel Voss

Joe & Pam Wycoff
In Honor of the Speech & Debate Alumni of Apple
Valley High School, MN

Joe & Pam Wycoff
In Memory of Caitlin Losure Bigwood, Edward Murray McKay, and David Roland

Sally Zimney
In Honor of Pam Wycoff

Angela Zurick
In Honor of Pam Wycoff

Jennifer Zurick
In Honor of Pay Wycoff

The school board does not provide any funding to extracurriculars like Speech and Debate, so we are entirely self-funded. Having the support will enable us to access resources for the benefit of the team which we wouldn’t have access to normally.

    • Recipient Coach, Indiana 

Our team is starting “Small but Mighty.” We opted to have a team this year to give our students opportunities that other schools have. Since our staff is limited and our location makes things hard, we are trying to give our students as many possibilities as possible.

    • Recipient Coach, Alaska