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Use the resources on this page to manage district committee personnel, finances, communications, and advocacy. If you are working with local administrators (principals, headmasters, etc) to start speech and debate programs, point them to our Administrators page for relevant information

View District Info and Stats Online – Login to your account and view the District Info tab under Schools on your account for leveling information, district tournament dates, committee membership, and member school contact information. 

District Appointment form – Chairs can use this form to nominate a sixth member of their committee to advance representation among leadership.

Role suggestions for the district tournament – Learn about the suggested roles district committee members can fulfill at the district tournament.

Building Community ToolkitThis collection of resources is designed to save you time, give you some new ideas, and motivate your District Committee to seek out the help needed to accomplish everything you want to do!

A district is in good legal and financial standing if:

  • It has an EIN and bank account associated with a current committee member.
  • It is registered with the state’s Secretary of State.
  • It is established as a 501(c)3, the method depending on the district’s gross annual receipts.
  • It is prepared to file taxes at the right time using the right method based on its gross annual receipts.

The best summary of how to deal with district finances can be found in the district leader onboarding course, part two. Take the course today to understand the context of district finance, learn about transitioning finance between leadership, and more. If you already know what you need to do, some quick links are below.

Establish an EIN

Apply for 501(c) status:

File Taxes:

  • If your district’s gross annual receipts are betwen $5,000 and $50,000 – 990N “e-Postcard” online.
  • If your district’s annual gross receipts are over $50,000, file Form 990

Register with the Secretary of State (SOS)

Contacting the IRS: Their number for tax exempt organizations is (877) 829-5500. Peak calling times to avoid are Mondays and Tuesdays, and the weeks leading up to April 15.

Identity package

identity Packages including personalized logos have been created for each NSDA District to use in their capacity as agents of the NSDA. To request an Identity Package, which includes NSDA logos, letterhead, and other materials, district chairs should contact Emily Bratton, Graphic Designer and Publications Assistant, at Please follow the organization’s guidelines for logo use if you request a package. 

Sample communications

communications with the rest of the district often happen via email or a simple website. 

All About Districts

In this collection of videos, we introduce the district tournament series, take viewers behind the scenes, and answer frequently asked questions about eligibility, requirements, and more. This video can be helpful to show or send out to new member schools approaching districts for the first time. 

Press Release template

Share your district tournament results, district award winners, and more with your local media using this template for a press release.

Check out our advocacy webpage for a school recruitment toolkit, recruiting letters and guides, tournament invitation and PowerPoint templates, advocacy articles, a flyer designed for administrators, and more. If you are working with local administrators (principals, headmasters, etc) to start speech and debate programs, point them to our Administrators page for relevant information.

For more information and best practices for recruiting and mentoring new coaches, please review the following documents and webpages:

These issues and more are covered in our District Leader Onboarding course