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Download the October 2016 Legislation Docket.

by Kevin J. Berlat and Kimberly Bayan-Berlat

by Kevin J. Berlat and Kimberly Bayan-Berlat

Debate Coach at Phoenix Central

Kevin and Kimberly coach at Phoenix-Central High School in Arizona.  Kevin is the current tabulation chair for the National Congress.  He also serves as administrator for the Congressional Debate TOC.  Kimberly is a Technical Services Officer at National Bank of Arizona.  She was the 2015 Arizona District Communicator of the Year.  They are board members and lab coordinators at the Southwest Speech and Debate Institute, with Kimberly directing the Extemporaneous lab, and Kevin handling Congressional Debate.  This is their second year writing NSDA legislation.  They have also drafted legislation for local and national Congress tournaments.  This year, watch out for webinars to discuss their legislation and other aspects of Congressional Debate.

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