Critical Classroom Conversations

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As an educator, you can lead and moderate important conversations about issues concerning social justice. Below are some resources to support you as you prepare for and engage in this critical dialogue in your classroom. Thank you for being an educator who connects, supports, and inspires your students to use communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills.

Classroom Conversations


This collection of resources was compiled through numerous media outlets and academic organizations. Items are listed in reverse chronological order.

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2017-08-16 | Education Week
Yes, Race and Politics Belong in the Classroom: Ten Tips for Teachers to Engage Students in Difficult Conversations

2017-08-15 | Literacy & NCTE
There is No Apolitical Classroom: Resources for Teaching in These Times

2017-08-14 | Education Week
Teachers Share Resources for Addressing Charlottesville Hate Rally in the Classroom

2017-08-14 | International Literacy Association
#CharlottesvilleCurriculum Helps Educators Respond to Tragic Events

2017-08-14 | National Public Radio
Resources for Educators to Use in the Wake of Charlottesville

2017-08-13 | The Washington Post
The First Thing Teachers Should Do When School Starts is Talk About Hatred in America. Here’s Help.

2017-07-08 | English Journal
Walking the Talk: Examining Privilege and Race in a Ninth-Grade Classroom (PDF Download)

2017-07-03 | Radical Copyeditor
On “Person-First Language”: It’s Time to Actually Put the Person First

2017-06-21 | Education Week
As Confederate Monuments Come Down, Teachers Wrestle With Class Discussion

2017-04-27 | CNN
The First Amendment Doesn’t Guarantee You the Rights You Think It Does

2017-03-19 | Truth for Educators Podcast
Ten Things Every White Teacher Needs to Know When Talking About Race

2016-07-11 | The Washington Post
Teaching About Race, Racism and Police Violence: Resources for Educators and Parents

2015-12-15 | Education Week
School Leaders: Amid Tragedy, Take Care to Teach Moral Courage

2015-12-15 | Education Week
When Tragedy Strikes, Internet Resources Can Enrich ‘Teachable Moments’

2015-09-15 | Rostrum (Volume 90, Issue 1)
Tough Conversations: A Primer for Discussing Race and Racism in the Classroom (PDF Download)

2015-08-06 | National Public Radio
Politics In the Classroom: How Much is Too Much?

2015-04-10 | Edutopia
Five-Minute Film Festival: Talking About Race and Stereotypes

2014-11-25 | Edutopia
Race and Violence Should Be a School-Wide Subject

2013-04-17 | Education Week
When Tragic Events Enter the Classroom: A Teacher’s Dilemma

2013-02-28 | Edutopia
Women’s History Month: 6 Lesson Plan Resources for Teachers

no date | Colorin Colorado
Creating a Welcoming Environment for ELLs and Immigrant Students: Strategies and Resources

no date | Facing History and Ourselves
Decision Making in Times of Injustice Unit

no date | Facing History and Ourselves
Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn

no date | NCTE
Websites for Lesson Plans for Gender Representation (Grades 9-12)

no date | Teaching Tolerance
Talking Race and Racism

no date | Zinn Education Project
The Color Line – Teaching Activity

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We encourage all community members, especially those having critical conversations with students, to consider the words they use. Simply put, words matter. One valuable resource we use at the NSDA is the Conscious Style Guide. Learn more about the words you choose by checking out their website.

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