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International Programs


Currently, more than ten countries offer speech and debate programs through the National Speech & Debate Association. Together, we have created a forum for international competition.


About international membership
International members have access to the same resources we provide all of our students, coaches, and teachers. From enrollment in the Honor Society to training videos, tools, resources, classroom activities, and a gateway to international competition—member schools have all they need to build a successful speech and debate program.
National Tournament access
Access to the national tournament varies by country.
Schools in China, India, Canada, Japan, and United Arab Emirates, should contact before joining for details on NSDA affiliation in those countries.
Schools from other countries are invited to join via our regular process, by creating an individual coaching account and then creating or linking to an existing school. Individual school membership does not guarantee access to nationals in countries where no NSDA qualifying infrastructure exists, but interested members should reach out to about participating in our World Schools Invitational each June.

Membership Fees