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We’ll Help Start Your Speech and Debate Team

Starting a speech and debate team can be tough! Often, you’ll need a lot of support from your school board or school administrator. Fortunately, administrators across the country who support speech and debate are here to help you make your case.

These principals, headmasters, and other administrators know the importance of speech and debate activities at their schools! From school improvements like increased attendance to life skills like critical thinking and teamwork, our collection of administrator letters will help you build the support you need for your new team. Download them here!

“Beyond public speaking, participating in debate activities teaches students to look at issues from multiple perspectives, engage in the democratic process, seek answers from reliable and unbiased sources, and most of all, it requires them to think critically about issues and form their own informed opinions about the facts. When I think about the current state of our great nation, I can’t help but think that we could all benefit from taking a speech and debate class.”

– Errol Evans, Principal from Attucks Middle School in Florida and the 2018 NSDA Middle School Administrator of the Year