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Star Lit: Bright Literature for Bright Performers – Volume One


Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you!

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Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you! Each Forensics Anthology includes at least one each of the following: Humorous Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation. These scripts are original, poignant, beautifully written, and most importantly, competitive! They are not only perfect for forensics competitions; they also make great classroom materials!

Star Lit: Bright Literature for Bright Performers (Volume One) includes:

The Three Step Method” by Scot Augustson
When a psychiatrist teaches an intern how to turn a fairly sane patient into a dependent, disoriented hysteric, it becomes clear that therapy will never be the same! This laugh-out-loud comedy is a former NFL National Champion in Humorous Interpretation!

The Blue Raspberry Banditos” by Leroy Wayson
Inspired by Murphy’s Law, Leroy Wayson asks the rhetorical question, “Have you ever had one of those days where EVERYTHING went wrong?” In his explosive comedy, Wayson introduces us to Thompson, a young man, whose life is almost destroyed by—of all things—an ice-cold Slurpee! An action-packed comedy with lots of characters!

E-baby” by Celeste LeBeaux
Preparing for the arrival of a new-born baby is always a difficult task, especially when all of the preparations occur online. One of the most hauntingly beautiful poems you will ever read!

Eye Spy” by Michaela Murphy
In her coming-of-age essay, Michaela Murphy and her Irish Catholic family spend their summer vacation lovingly spying on the Kennedy Compound; however, she has no idea of the chaos that will ensue after she accidentally kicks out her Uncle Al’s glass eye! Hysterical!

I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe” by Dawson Nichols
Joseph Walker is a patient currently residing at the Oakbrook Mental Health Facility, and his life bears a striking resemblance to that of Edgar Allan Poe, the Master of Horror. In fact, his familiarity with Poe’s work leads him to believe that he might actually be Edgar Allan Poe. In his chilling monologue, Dawson Nichols asks the rhetorical question, “If life is comprised of defining moments, couldn’t an unforeseen tragedy be the catalyst that pushes someone over the edge?” Challenging Dramatic Interpretation for the mature, male performer!

Gilgamesh, Iowa” by Scot Augustson
Gilgamesh, Iowa is the setting for this Midwestern reunion between two life-long buddies, Jay and Ken. As children, the two spent countless hours in Ken’s basement creating a magical, paper-cut-out world called Gilgamesh. As the two friends recreate their childhood role-playing games of yesteryear, we slowly learn the real reason behind this reunion. Incredible Duo Interpretation for two mature actors!

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