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The Blue Book: A Forensics Anthology


Titles in this edition include: “The Testing of Napoleon”, “Getting Through the M’s”, “The Perfect Love Story”, “The Witness”, and “The Patron Saint of Pinocchio”

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Edited by Gregory T. Burns

Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you! Each Forensics Anthology includes a Humorous Interpretation, a Poetry Interpretation, a Prose Interpretation, a Dramatic Interpretation, and a Duo Interpretation. These scripts are original, poignant, beautifully written, and most importantly, competitive! They are not only perfect for forensics competitions; they also make great classroom materials!

The Blue Book: A Forensics Anthology includes:

“The Testing of Napoleon” by Gregory T. Burns
Throughout history there have been many famous Napoleons: Napoleon Bonaparte; Napoleon Dynamite; and now Napoleon, the young man obsessed with remote-controlled cars! This comedy is explosive!

“Getting Through the M’s” by Celeste LeBeaux
This gorgeous poem introduces us to a contestant preparing for the National Spelling Bee. While the young protagonist studies, it becomes apparent that the words on the spelling list trigger memories of the mother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. One of the most memorable poems you will ever read!

“The Perfect Love Story” by Michael McClain
Boy meets girl. It is a story that has been told hundreds of times; yet, it has never quite been perfected. However, for David, a perfectionist, it will have to be. This romantic comedy is perfect for the mature male performer!

“The Witness” by Shannon Cartwright
An older, idolized brother joins a gang, commits a murder, and is sentenced to Death-by-Lethal-Injection. His last wish is for his younger sibling to witness his execution. This powerful first-person narrative introduces us to the younger sibling, whose love for the older brother is only overshadowed by the determination to keep a promise.

“The Patron Saint of Pinocchio” by Gregory T. Burns
After attending a special needs school for 12 years, Persie, a young mentally-challenged girl, has returned home to live with her older brother, David. The home, once belonging to their parents, is now a safe-haven for both—that is until a secret from their past innocently reveals itself through a simple childhood game.

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