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Results of all elimination rounds prior to finals will be posted on the public-facing side of Find them by navigating to and selecting the Pairings tab. 

Main speech event postings will be released at the following times:
Top 60 Speech (Rounds 7/8) — Tuesday midday
Top 30 Speech (Rounds 9/10) — Tuesday evening
Speech Semifinalists (Rounds 11/12) — Wednesday midday
Speech Finalists — Wednesday evening

Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and Public Forum teams who win at least 8 prelim ballots will advance to Rounds 7/8. Each qualifying team will begin with a clear record and debate double down and out until two remain for a final round. Beginning with round 7, Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and Public Forum judges will announce their decisions at the end of the debates.

Congress, World Schools, and Big Questions advancing entries will be announced at their respective competition venues.