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May 15 is the last day to pre-register students for supplemental events. Although all supplemental events are open for pre-registration, know that you will only be able to re-register students in a certain number of events per pattern. Students cannot re-register in Extemp Debate and any other speech event. Students may be re-registered in up to two supplemental speech events (only one per pattern).

    • Pattern A: Extemp Commentary, Original Spoken Word Poetry, Prose, Expository
    • Pattern B: Impromptu, Poetry, Storytelling
    • OR Extemp Debate

It costs $25 for each supplemental event pre-registration, and entry fees are not refunded if your competitor does not re-register in that event. Choose your pre-registered events wisely! 1-2 pre-registered supplemental entries come with a requirement of 1 day of judging, 3-4 entries require 2 days, 5-6 entries require 3 days, and so on. Those days of judging may be assigned in supplemental speech, main event speech, and/or Extemp Debate. Supplemental event judging can be purchased for $120 per day.