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Community Impact Report 2022

Explore how the speech and debate community grew, connected, learned, and celebrated in 2022.


Honor society - Degrees, students, schools<br />
68,702 degrees earned (coach and student)<br />
Students + coaches (134,615 students, 3932 coaches) total 138,547<br />
Schools = 3,403<br />

We are proud to see students and coaches earn recognition as they grow in their skills through speech and debate. Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, our community members competed, earned degrees, and upheld the highest standards of the NSDA Honor Code through student service and academic achievements.

Honor society - Degrees, students, schools<br />
68,702 degrees earned (coach and student)<br />
Students + coaches (134,615 students, 3932 coaches) total 138,547<br />
Schools = 3,403<br />
184 Speaking and Service Awards (replaces All American)<br />
122 Coaches Earning Service Citations<br />
234 Diamond Coach Awards<br />
Service points: 473,753 service points earned in 2021-2022 school year. 50% increase from previous school year.

National Tournament

After two years of virtual speech and debate, the high school 2022 National Tournament returned to in-person competition with a week of connection, learning, and highlighting student voices.

1,247 Participating High schools + 173 Participating Middle Schools = 1,420 Schools<br />
6,425 students<br />


More Opportunities to Attend Nationals Than Ever

This year’s tournament offered more pathways to participation than any other year. The Last-Chance Qualifier offered students who did not qualify through their district tournament a chance to make it to Nationals in their main event. Schools were also able to bring two students to compete in supplemental events at Nationals!

531 additional students competing in only supplemental events<br />
201 students added to the National Tournament because of the Last-Chance Qualifier.<br />
For a total of 732 students added to the National Tournament through these new avenues.<br />

Thank you so much for making this opportunity available to our students! As a young and small program, we depend on events such as the National Tournament to incentivize students to join our team. The Last-Chance Qualifier made Nationals a possibility for several students for whom that would not have been the case otherwise, and we are so grateful.

NSDA Coach

By funding this last-chance tournament, you have given students the opportunity of a lifetime, especially those seniors who have never been to a National Tournament. Thank you for what you have done—I know my students appreciate it.


NSDA Coach

Our Springboard Series offered free, online access to speech and debate scrimmages throughout the school year. Thanks to The Julia Burke Foundation for making this opportunity possible!

Springboard 2021-2022:</p>
<p>22 scrimmages<br />
2554 student participants<br />
303 schools<br />

These scrimmages have given my team a chance to perform with and in front of new faces from across the country. That has been really helpful to me as a coach and to them as competitors. The Julia Burke Foundation has provided an invaluable opportunity for my team. Mahalo and aloha nui loa.

Coach from Hawaii

Having the Springboard option available to all my students regardless of their financial ability to cover entry fees has reduced the stress on everyone immensely and allowed financially disadvantaged youth more opportunities to participate on par with their more fortunate peers.

Coach from Nevada


The Keith West Memorial Fund provided grants to seven schools in its inaugural year, and another seven schools this fall. We look forward to honoring Keith’s life and legacy by increasing access to speech and debate through these grants.

We remain committed to increasing access to speech and debate and providing safe, welcoming environments for all participants. Check out our Equity Commitments for the 2021-2022 school year to track our progress!

The NSDA will reflect equity in its organizational core documents. The NSDA will highlight and promote best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion in speech and debate activities.  The NSDA will strive for leadership that represents the diversity of our speech and debate communities.  The NSDA will celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion within speech and debate communities.
The NSDA will continue to provide and promote safe spaces for teachers/coaches from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized communities to meet.  The NSDA will continue to strive for an equitable and representative judging pool at the National Tournament.  The NSDA will continue a committee-based effort to develop a judge accreditation program. Last year, core elements for the accreditation were established. This year, the effort will focus on the technological requirements of implementing the accreditation.  The NSDA will conscientiously work to increase meaningful access to speech and debate for all schools.


In January 2022, we launched our new alumni membership. Anyone who graduated from high school and participated in speech and debate during middle school, high school, or college is eligible to claim their membership. Our community is now over 4,000 strong and growing! 

Our alumni webinar series<br />
Volunteer and judging opportunities<br />
Career and college resources<br />
Exclusive speakers' series access<br />

Debate truly changed my life, my belief system, and made me not only a more employable and educated person but a better human being. I cannot quantify or express in words the impact debate has had on my personal and professional life.


Supporting Teams

When you have questions throughout the year, our staff is here to provide the support your team needs. Contact us via phone or email!

Median Email Response time: 127 minutes<br />
Email Resolution time: (see two below)<br />
First resolution time: 2.6 hours (median)<br />
Full resolution time: 4.9 hours (median)<br />
Total calls: 14,512 calls<br />
Total Emails: 15,313 emails<br />
Customer Satisfaction: 93.5% via email tickets (FYI satisfaction was answered 23% of the time)<br />

She worked very hard to make sure my concerns were resolved. She was amazing!!!

I always feel respected no matter the question. Answers come in a timely manner.

The help I got was quick and efficient! My issue was solved right away.

Setting Teams Up For Success

We’re experts in prep time. Our collection of resources for the classroom or after-school are designed to lighten your load. Find grab-and-go tools from lesson plans and textbooks to student practice materials and final round videos, all included with membership. We are committed to providing resources that support you along your journey with speech and debate.

Graphic:<br />
8 Lesson Plan Collections<br />
7 Online Textbooks<br />
15 On-Demand Courses<br />
23 New Final Round Videos<br />
++ Topic Analyses, Extemp Questions, and Congress Legislation (maybe, depending on space. fade this in?)<br />
Then possibly buttons to access stuff<br />

We look forward to reflecting on all the great things you will do in the upcoming year. Thank you for being a member of our community!

We Are Speech and Debate