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In order to compete at most tournaments, you must provide a set number of judges based on your student entries to allow the tournament to function. If your team is smaller, maybe that judge can just be you and/or an assistant coach! If you need to bring in judges, here are a few ideas and training materials.

Hiring and Training Judges

Potential Judge Sources

    • Alumni
    • Parents/family members of current team members
    • Local college students, especially if the school has a team
    • Hiring through the host tournament
    • Contacts from the NSDA Judge Board

NSDA Judge Training Resources

    • Cultural Competency Course and Flyers: This course addresses appropriate feedback and how to ensure tournaments are a more equitable environment for students.
    • Training videos by event type
    • Written overviews and event explanations
    • Sample ballots

Access these resources and more on our Judge Training page.