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Group of Black Millennials at Office

On the NSDA website, there are a wide variety of resources for members to use! All our resources are available on our resource table. 


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You access the table by visiting buttons on the left side of the screen (as pictured here) can be used to help you filter resources to just what you’re looking for.

The magnitude of resources we offer can make it hard to know where to start, so we suggest visiting our resource hubs for our most popular and helpful tools.

Coaching Speech + Coaching Debate

    • Courses to explore event rules and coaching strategies
    • Grab-and-go lesson plans for MS and HS
    • Sample performances and explanations
    • Practice materials
    • Textbooks

Team Management

    • Sample team handbook
    • Tutorials for managing your roster
    • Tools for building an equitable and inclusive team
    • Guides to tournament hosting, attendance, and student recruitment
    • Judge trainings
    • Event overviews
    • Professional development tools

Tailor Your Experience
We’ll let you know about new resource releases in our weekly coach newsletter. Stay in the loop about the events you coach or are interested in learning more about by checking their boxes on the main profile of your NSDA Account.

Additionally, members can access free self-paced courses designed to introduce you to coaching new events at